Shruti Engineering: Crafting Excellence in Industrial Components


Shruti Engineering, established in 2008, has emerged as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of industrial components. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they cater to various industries, providing solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Product Portfolio

1. Brake Motors

Brake motors play a pivotal role in industrial applications where precise braking is essential. Shruti Engineering’s brake motors are meticulously designed to deliver reliable stopping power, ensuring smooth operation in machinery and equipment. These motors contribute significantly to safety and efficiency on factory floors.

2. Industrial Cranes

Shruti Engineering’s industrial cranes are the workhorses of material handling. Whether within factories, warehouses, or construction sites, these cranes facilitate seamless movement of goods. Their robust construction, advanced features, and precision engineering make them indispensable for optimizing workflow and productivity.

3. Brake Spare Parts

Efficient braking systems are critical for safe and reliable operation. Shruti Engineering supplies high-quality brake spare parts, ensuring the smooth functioning of braking mechanisms. From brake pads to hydraulic components, their spare parts contribute to the longevity and reliability of industrial machinery.

4. Disc Brake Solutions

Disc brakes find applications across various sectors, including automotive and heavy machinery. Shruti Engineering’s disc brake solutions offer efficient stopping power, durability, and consistent performance. Whether it’s elevators, conveyors, or industrial vehicles, their disc brakes meet stringent quality standards.

5. Electromagnetic Disc Brakes

Electromagnetic disc brakes utilize electromagnetic force to control braking. These precision-engineered components are commonly used in elevators, cranes, and conveyor systems. Shruti Engineering’s electromagnetic disc brakes ensure smooth deceleration and enhance safety.

Quality Assurance and Technology

Shruti Engineering’s success lies in their unwavering commitment to quality. They source high-grade raw materials and employ advanced technologies in their manufacturing processes. Rigorous quality checks at every stage ensure that their products meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.


From their inception in 2008 to the present day, Shruti Engineering has consistently demonstrated expertise, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As industries evolve, they adapt, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive progress. Whether it’s brake motors, cranes, or spare parts, Shruti Engineering remains a beacon of excellence in the world of industrial components.

For more information, visit their website: Shruti Engineering.

Remember, behind every smoothly functioning factory floor or warehouse, there’s a touch of Shruti Engineering’s expertise! 🏭🔧

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